Loud Flower Hosted Markets

Thank you for your interest in selling your wares with us!

We host one monthly market:

2nd Saturdays at Dart Coffee's Garden in Santa Barbara's Funk Zone

*days may shift due to variations in months

The vendor fees for each market is $90. Markets open at 9am and run until 2pm. You are required to attend for the entire time.

This form is an interest form, not a guarantee to sell. About three weeks before each market I will finalize the vendor list for that day pulling from the overall list to create a well rounded selection of offerings and prices.

The Dart Garden can host 15 vendors. Please don’t be discourage if you aren’t picked to sell straight away. I try to get new folks in each time and it’s a delicate balance to get the configuration right.

Feel free to reach out with any questions! xo Madi + Loud Flower