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The Studio Shop

Come visit our brick + mortar shop and working studio where everything is made at 506 E Haley St in downtown Santa Barbara, CA!

We also regularly participate in makers markets and pop-ups throughout the area. Check out our full calendar here.

506 is what we call the studio, storefront, event space shared by Loud Flower Art Co and Restricted Goods. The name is a direct reference to our address 506 E Haley St, so it's easy to remember where we are!

Restricted Goods is the gallery space and art book shop run by Ben Bishop (Madi's husband). Restricted Goods has an amazing collection of new, rare, and used photography and art books along with rotating photography in the gallery, hats, and shirts too.

Come by to check it all out!

You can now order online and pick up at Loud Flower's shop at 506 E Haley St in downtown Santa Barbara - just select "Pick-Up" at check out!

We love collaborating with others to host public or private at our 506, our shop and studio space. Past events include:

  • community parties/fundraisers
  • book signings and talks
  • storytelling nights
  • workshops
  • networking events and more

Check out more information here.

How it's all made

Screen printing is one of the oldest and most common methods of imprinting. It is a technique that transfers ink through a mesh stencil, onto a substrate such as textiles, paper, wood, electronics, etc. using a squeegee. The ink passes through a stencil made from blocked out mesh, to reproduce a copy of one’s artwork. One color is printed at a time, so several screens can be used to produce a multi-colored image or design.

Loud Flower's studio has been built slowly over the course of the last 4 years. I started my home screen printing set up with a couple of screens, a homemade plywood tabletop press, a UV lightbulb in a clamp light and a hose in my backyard. The studio is now made up of a 4-color 4-station press, Little Buddy conveyer dryer, dozens of screens, a proper darkroom/washout room (!!!) and exposure unit. What I most love about screen printing is the wide range of accessibility. You can print in your bathroom with $100 of materials or in a mega warehouse with $100k press.

If you're interested in exploring screen printing more, check out all the videos on screenprinting.com!

Loud Flower prints all our fabric goods exclusively with water-based inks, and yes, they are totally washing machine safe and durable!

In the world of screen printing, there are two main types of ink used. The vast majority of commercial printers use plastisol inks (aka plastic-based). These inks definitely have their advantages: infinite open press time, complete coverage, and lower curing temperatures to name a few. BUT they are also made of plastic and harsh chemicals. This means that 500 years from now, when the cotton of your shirt has long decomposed, the plastic particles that made up the graphic will still be on the planet.

Water-based inks will decompose right alongside the cotton. They also have an almost invisible feel after their first wash for the softest wear around. For me, this makes water-based ink's slightly more difficult and limited printing processes worth it.

We hope to soon!

Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter to be the first to know when screen printing programing is getting going. The plan is to have a few different levels of classes that explore different techniques and practices.


We absolutely love to host private workshops for birthdays, bachelor/bachelorettes, team building, retreats, etc. Private workshops can include up to 20 people and include a screen printing lesson, a custom design, and the opportunity for every guest to print their own tote bag or other item.

Get in touch with us about hosting a private workshop party here.

Thank you for your interest!

We are not currently taking on any outside print or illustration/design projects. Loud Flower is entirely run by one person (me, Madi) so capacity is oftentimes full just maintaining in-house Loud Flower work. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter to be informed when the books reopen.

Makers Markets

Thank you for your interest in joining the Dart Coffee Garden Markets I host!

In order to be considered to vend you'll need to fill out the Market Vendor Interest Form. There's lots more information on the form page, so head over there to learn more.

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