emotionally screen printed

About Us

Loud Flower makes everyday artwork to help people feel their feelings and know they are in community with that work. It can lonely and heavy to fully engage with your mental health. Loud Flower is here to add some goofiness, togetherness, and encouragement to feel and be yourself.

Every piece of Loud Flower is designed, printed, packaged and brought to you with mental health advocacy at its core.

The Story


Friends Madi + Anna start making and selling message based artwork to help them process the current state of the world and afford to keep their tiny shared studio while unemployed due to the pandemic.

Soon their shared project became its own creature + they named that creature


Anna + Madi continued to grow their line of goods and started participating in local makers markets while building the values of the company.


Using Loud Flower’s core values, Anna + Madi navigated Anna’s departure from the business with love and kindness.

Find Anna’s amazing current work here: www.annadulaney.com

Madi took over as Loud Flower’s sole owner, designer + printer and continued to hone Loud Flower’s voice focusing on mental health awareness + support.


Madi + Ben at 506’s opening party

Loud Flower made its next big leap by moving into Madi’s dream studio 506 E Haley St where she shares the space with her husband Ben Bishop with his business Restricted Goods. Here they strive to create a unique community experience through their curated retail selection, workshops, book signings, artist talks and more.